Each of our policies address an area of the working of the school to ensure transparency and clarity about our procedures and protocols. In some cases there may be some overlap between the scope of particular policies. In these instances you should find that there is consistency between the documents. If you have any questions about these policies, please contact the school.

Brannel School Policies

Absence Request – Please use this form when requesting a student absence
Admission Policy 2018-2019
Admission Policy 2019-2020
Admission Policy 2020-2021
Attendance Policy
Acceptable Twitter Use Policy
Anti Bullying Policy
Behaviour for Learning Policy
CCTV Policy
Children in Care Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Collective Worship Policy
E-Safety Policy
Educational Visits – Terms and Conditions
Extended Learning Policy
Frequent Disruption to Learning Policy
Instrumental Tuition Provision Terms and Conditions Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Marking and Feedback Policy
Nurture Provision Statement
Personal Data Handling Policy
Physical Restraint Policy
Prevent Policy Sept
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Self Harm Policy
SEN Policy
Single Equality Policy
Social Networking Policy
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy
Technical Education and Apprenticeships: Raising Awareness
Uniform and Appearance
Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Policy
Young Carers Policy

Newquay Education Trust Policies

NET Assessment and Reporting Policy
NET British Values
NET Charges & Remissions Policy
NET Complaints Policy
NET Finance Policy
NET Directors – Finance Policy – November 2018
NET Freedom of Information Policy
NET Health Safety Policy
NET LGPS Employer Discretions Policy
NET Publication Scheme
NET Scheme of Delegation for Local Governing Bodies
NET School Meals & Debt Policy
NET Staff Attendance Management Policy
NET Whistleblowing Policy
NET Gender Pay Gap Report