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Mrs Dyer : Teacher of PE

Mrs Dyer

Teacher of PE

Employers are very keen on work experience – or rather, they’re keen on what it gives prospective employees: the confidence and practical skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Whether or not our students are planning to go to university, getting good work experience whilst they are at school will stand them in good stead when it comes to getting hired.

Every year, during Brannel Challenge Week, our Year 10 students take part in the Work Experience programme. Students are responsible for finding placements with a wide range of different employers. These have included retail outlets, factories, primary schools, hairdressers, restaurants, hotels, estate agents, colleges and hospitals, Devon and Cornwall Police, Pendennis Shipyard, local builders and engineering firms. Most students find placements locally, and some even impress their employers so much that they have managed to land paid summer jobs. We are grateful to all the local businesses that opened their doors and hearts to our students, in what is an incredibly valuable opportunity for every pupil involved.