Religious Education
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Mrs Dyer : Teacher of PE

Mrs Dyer

Teacher of PE

The aim of RE is to allow pupils to extend and improve their analytical skills whilst allowing them to develop a greater understanding of the world they live in. In RE all pupils undertake an in depth study of 3 major religions with the emphasis on an understanding of the separate beliefs, values and traditions and how they underpin our current society.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

In Year 7 pupils look at Spirituality, Justice and leadership and examine there influence on their own lives.

Years 8 & 9

In year 8 and 9 they study beliefs which include atheism, theism and agnosticism, the evidence of evil and suffering in today’s world and the impact of charity work. They also study the historical and cultural make-up of the family, through marriage and divorce. In Year 9 they debate the evidence for life after death with particular regard to the sanctity of life, and the morality of abortion and euthanasia. They also investigate sexism and racism from a religious and a secular viewpoint.

Key Stage 4

Years 10 & 11

In years 10 and 11 they debate conscience, morality and responsibility from both a Christian and a secular viewpoint. They then undertake modules on religion and the environment, medical ethics, crime and punishment, war and peace – each of these are from Christian, Muslim and non-religious points of view.