Heads of Year and Class Tutors

Information about the role of our Class Tutors can be viewed here.

Head of Year 7 Mr Harris – email: aharris@brannel.com
7B Mrs Berry – email: cberry@brannel.com
7G Miss Chapple – email: hchapple@brannel.com
7H Mr Doolan – email: jdoolan@brannel.com
7K Mr Leo – email: rleo@brannel.com
7M Ms Machin – email: amachin@brannel.com
7R Mr Webb – email: jwebb@brannel.com

Head of Year 8 Ms Woudberg – email: cwoudberg@brannel.com
8B Mr Hatt – email: chatt@brannel.com
8G Ms Creaser – email: ecreaser@brannel.com
8H Mrs Callaway – email: kcallaway@brannel.com
8K Mrs Elford – email: kelford@brannel.com
8M Miss Gaiety – email: jgaiety@brannel.com
8R Miss Burden – email: lburden@brannel.com

Head of Year 9 Mr Bright – email: mbright@brannel.com
9B Mrs Crossland – email: scrossland@brannel.com
9G Mr Coles – email: gcoles@brannel.com
9H Mrs Staples – email: sstaples@brannel.com
9K Mr Duenas – email: cduenas@brannel.com
9M Ms Boswell – email: gboswell@brannel.com
9R Ms McKiernan – email: jmckiernan@brannel.com

Head of Year 10 Ms Wherry – email: kwherry@brannel.com
10B Mrs Matthews – email: gmatthews@brannel.com
10G Mrs White – email: twhite@brannel.com
10H Ms Triggs – email: ltriggs@brannel.com
10K Ms Round – email: nround@brannel.com
10M Mrs Hird-Edwards – email: ghird-edwards@brannel.com
10R Mr Trudgian – email: atrudgian@brannel.com

Head of Year 11 Mr Farrer – email: rfarrer@brannel.com
11Amazons Mrs Blizzard – email: rblizzard@brannel.com
11G Mrs Wake – email: lwake@brannel.com
11H Mr Blizzard – email: ablizzard@brannel.com
11K Mrs Byrt – email: gbyrt@brannel.com
11M Mrs Ireland – email: aireland@brannel.com
11R Mr Makepeace – email: amakepeace@brannel.com
11Lewyons Mr Ellis-Davies – email: rellis-davies@brannel.com

Heads of Department

English – Miss Sullivan – email: ksullivan@brannel.com
Mathematics – Mr Blizzard – email: ablizzard@brannel.com
Science – Mrs Blizzard – email: rblizzard@brannel.com
History – Mrs Creaser – email: ecreaser@brannel.com
Geography – Mrs White – email: twhite@brannel.com
Modern Foreign Languages – Mrs Elford – email: kelford@brannel.com
Computing – Mr Makepeace – email: amakepeace@brannel.com
Performing Arts – Mrs Hird-Edwards – email: ghird-edwards@brannel.com
Art, Design and Technology – Mrs Byrt – email: gbyrt@brannel.com
Physical Education – Mrs Callaway – email: kcallaway@brannel.com

Pastoral Team

Information about the role of our Pastoral Team can be viewed here.

Mr Richards – Designated Safeguarding Lead – nrichards@brannel.com
Mrs Hunt – Student Welfare Officer – chunt@brannel.com
Ms Dando – Pastoral Officer – ldando@brannel.com
Mrs Nash – Pastoral Officer – jnash@brannel.com
Mrs Hearn – School Counsellor –ahearn@brannel.com