Citizenship and Health and Social Care

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Mr Leo : Teacher of Citizenship

Mr Leo

Teacher of Citizenship


At KS4 pupils can take a GCSE in Citizenship which includes a thorough investigation of local and national politics, micro and macro economies, crime and punishment and current affairs. They are also able to undertake an individual investigation into a cause (local / national /international) which they feel inspired to research and highlight. This allows students to develop skills of advocacy and independent learning. Recent campaigns have included the setting up of a school council, taking on Michael Gove (then Secretary of State for Education) over the lack of smoking education in the GCSE Science syllabus and a well publicised campaign on local road safety.

Health and Social Care

In Health and Social Care students are able to study a GCSE course which will give them time to develop their interests in either schools / NHS or residential care. They will interview and write reports on their chosen subject for a controlled assessment. They will study all life stages from birth to old age and will be able to develop their understanding of particular and special needs of differing groups.