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At Brannel we only serve freshly prepared, locally sourced meals.

Tuesday is ‘Best of British’ day where a traditional roast option is served. Wednesday is International Day; food has been the common factor in socialisation and community-building for thousands of years and, through food, our students learn about cultural similarities, differences and traditions across the world. Thursday is Fish Day, with our most requested menu choice being hand-battered cod and chips.

Good food provision in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier children, but also to improved attainment. However, we believe that providing a wholesome lunch for children is only half the battle. We aim to inspire our students to reconnect with food, to share our passion for food and to inspire people of all ages to make better food choices – for life.

Brannel Cafe – Price List

We believe our catering offer provides great value for money. We are able to offer a hot main meal plus dessert for £2.30. Students are also able to choose from a wide range of delicious lighter meals and snacks. We continue to offer a free school meal to those students who are eligible – see below for more information.

International Food

Each month, the canteen serves food from a different country to celebrate a special day or event in the calendar.  Food has been the common factor in socialisation and community-building for thousands of years and, through food, our students learn about cultural similarities, differences and traditions across the world.

September ~ Best of British

October ~ USA

November ~ Mexico

December ~ Germany

January ~ Spain

February ~ China

March ~ India

April ~ The Netherlands

May ~ Italy

June ~ Turkey

July ~ France

School Lunch versus Packed Lunch?

The School Food Plan report (2010) found that just one per cent of packed lunches met the nutritional standards of school dinners because they often contained crisps, sweets and chocolate. There is mounting evidence in support of school meals, as they are more nutritionally complete than a packed lunch and provide just the right amount of energy for children. Children having a school lunch are:

  • Encouraged to eat and enjoy a wider variety of foods.
  • More likely to eat fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Less likely to drink sweet drinks and have water instead.
  • Able to develop their social skills, sitting at the lunch table chatting with friends and eating with cutlery.
  • Served balanced meals that are more likely to reach the guideline amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Food which has been freshly prepared, unlike a packed lunch which may have been sitting in their bag for up to 5 hours. School lunches have to meet national nutritional standards. So you can be confident that your child is having a balanced meal, without you having to do the thinking. Schools must provide:

  • At least one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetables with every meal.
  • High-quality meat, poultry or oily fish regularly.
  • Bread, other cereals and potatoes regularly.
  • No more than two portions of deep-fried foods a week.
  • Key nutrients such as zinc, iron, fibre and vitamin C should also feature in your child’s school meals.

If your child has an allergy or medical condition, do contact the school to speak to our Catering Manager who works closely with families on an individual basis to risk assess and implement safe provision of non-allergen foods for your child.

Apply for Free School Meals

To check whether your child is eligible for FSM, and to submit an application, please follow the link to Cornwall Council’s website

At Brannel, students who are eligible for FSM receive an e-voucher which entitles them to a school breakfast and main meal. The e-voucher has a nominal value of £0.01 which shows up on the student’s ParentPay account.

Students are able to choose from a broad selection of healthy meal options:

  • hot main meal of the day plus dessert from the canteen;
  • any Pasta King Pot;
  • any sandwich plus yoghurt or fresh fruit;
  • hot pasty, panini or burrito plus yoghurt or fresh fruit; or
  • any other daily non-snack ‘specials’ which are classified as a meal.

In line with our commitment to encourage healthy eating, the e-voucher does not cover cakes, biscuits, other snacks or soft drinks selected as an alternative to a main meal item.

Hospitality and Events Catering

We offer an events catering service. Our catering team offer truly fabulous, delicious food combined with a comprehensive professional service, from planning to clearing up afterwards, to guarantee that your event at Brannel School is totally special. Using local suppliers and going direct to the source not only results in fresher, tastier food, it also means that we can deliver a top class, quality service and still cater to suit all budgets.

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Please contact our Catering Manager for a no obligations quote. Email >

Local Ethos

Cornwall is a special place for food and we are fortunate to have some of the best producers and suppliers in the country right on our doorstep. Wherever possible, we go direct to the source to get the finest ingredients and produce for our cuisine.

Brannel School is proud to be working with: